Sunday, January 9, 2011

Playhouse progress

Here are some of the pictures of my recent playhouse creations, though there are a TON of things I've made that I haven't photographed them yet. I'll try to get them up here this week.

This is the apple/orange/pear tree. I have a million leaves for it, but I haven't quite decided if I'm going to sew them on before or after it is already sewn to the playhouse. I'm thinking before, cuz i need to put on velcro patches.

A volcano to go with the dinosaurs!

This little piggy got in a fight, but when I offered to change how the eyes look, Joshy freaked out and wanted it to stay the stay the same it will.


A basket made in the same style as the corn - it will be sewed on. Behind it there will be a hole so that the fruits or vegetables can go into the playhouse. It is kinda fun now to carry stuff in it already!

A mail bag - Mr. Delivery Man sure loves it!
A package to deliver - we have decided it is a box of chocolates, which is always well received.
For a very long time, there have been three letters - one for Joshua, Henry, and Dada. Mr. Delivery Man was thrilled when there became four letters, so that now Mama wouldn't have to be disappointed anymore.
A nice set of four - all with our favorite color of stamps, though the lighting isn't very good so you can't tell very well.
The mail bag nice and full!

A fence for one of the sides. When I started measuring out where things would go, I actually had to cut off a section of the fence to be able to fit it where I wanted it.
I've been realizing some things with the playhouse now, like that I can't have a window next to the front door like I thought I could, so I'm having to figure out a new place for the window with window box, and I'm actually really filling up all the sides now - it's exciting!
I think I'll be going up to Nathan's parents' to get some help with the sewing machine part of it in a few weeks, and I definitely am still planning on having it completely done by their birthdays. The crazy part about getting the outside to almost be done is that Joshy has all sorts of ideas for the inside - a fridge with food, an oven, a bed, a vanity mirror, a fireplace, etc etc etc. Off I go!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

the playhouse is in progress once again!

Well now we're living in Albany! Didn't end up moving to Corvallis, though we lost our $400 deposit...that sucks. We're managing again - a much smaller, less stressful complex, so that's good.

I'll post more about the boys soon, but I wanted to post that I'm working on the playhouse again and I'm really excited about that! Since the last set of pictures, I completed a woven basket, a mailbag, a package - I don't think I posted pictures of that one, a volcano, a fence, a large tree, a million leaves, and today I finished a letter for Mama (there was already one for Joshua, Henry, and Dada), and "Mr. Delivery Man" kept getting disappointed that he could never deliver a letter to Mama. I think that's all I've worked on lately, but I'll get some pictures posted in the next couple days.