Monday, March 24, 2008

A first birthday party...

...comes only twice a year (for Joshua that is). Joshy got to have his Palmer family birthday celebration this past Saturday. We also were celebrating Easter, so I made a bunny cake. This was inspired by at least one (there were probably more) bunny cake my mom made years ago. Here is the wonderful process I went through. At the end you will see my fat baby thoroughly enjoying his cake!

He enjoyed blowing out the candle, and then we gave him one of the ears! At first he was hesistant and just played with the frosting, but as you can see, he REALLY liked it once he tried it! He probably would have eaten the whole ear, so we had to take it away. Then he REALLY needed a bath. What a cute baby!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


So the other day I was at Home Depot, picking up some bug killer, in the same aisle as a lot of other pest control items, and then about 6 feet from me, this HUGE RAT goes skittering across the aisle.  It was dark gray and the body was probably about 8-10 inches long – a BIG rat, I’d say.  I don’t know how long the tail was.  It was the middle of the day, and in general it just really creeped me out.  I told a guy working there and he was like, “oh that’s nothing…we have some rats that are about the size of a cat.”  Riiight.  Gotta love that response.  I suppose it is pretty normal for there to be rodents getting into a building supply store like that, and he told me that it was probably out during the day because it had eaten some of the rat poison that they’ve set out and it was dehydrated.  So I guess I feel mildly bad for the rat, but I’d prefer that it didn’t surprise me ever again.  Probably it won’t surprise anyone ever again, huh?  I don’t want to buy bug killer anymore.

A couple of minutes...

My good friend Brittany’s adorable son Parker is in a contest on a local radio station in Utah.  He is singing karaoke, and she would really appreciate it if you would go on there and vote for him! All you need to do is click on this link and vote for #45 in the 2-4 age category.  Then you will get an email sent to you and you’ll need to click on the link in the email to validate your vote.  You can watch Parker’s video (and the other kids, though they’re not as good!) online.  They’d really appreciate your vote – thanks!


Here is the link:

This baby can EAT!

Seriously, I can’t believe how much Joshua eats.  So far for lunch he has had green beans, carrots, diced apples, peas, two turkey sticks (baby food turkey), and an apple wheel.  Oh and some of my pink lemonade (he is a BIG fan…I haven’t given it to him before, though).  He’s a good little eater – his favorite food these days is frozen blueberries, which I think he would like right now.  I get a big kick out of his purple face and hands after he’s done with his blueberries.  He does always tell us when he’s finished (that is one of the signs he is learning), but lately, I’ve been deciding for him, when he’s eaten just about as big a meal as I could eat!  No wonder he poops like 4 times a day!


Now that I figured out what the email address is to post on my blog, I think I’ll do it more often!  I have two drafts from awhile ago that I never finished, so I should work on those also.   I’ll have to actually get on there to post pictures, though.


Joshua has a blog now, too, if you didn’t know that yet.  You can click on the “boypalmer” link on my page.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

I heard...

...that you haven't lived unless you have heard Joshua's laugh. Really...I heard this at cooking class on Tuesday :c)

I want you all to live life to its fullest, so do enjoy. And Ash - I hope you feel better! This is Joshua laughing at his dada back in mid-December.

More pulling up

Now Nathan will be putting together much better movies, but here are a few more clips of Joshy's new talents of pulling up. These are still a bit outdated, though - he's really close to moving around without having to hold on to furniture. Listen close - it sounds like he says, "k dada" in one of the clips. And you also get to see him fall down, which he does A LOT...

Long-awaited videos

Thanks Ash, for encouraging me to post new videos! This was from February 18th - Joshua's first standing in his crib experience!