Sunday, January 31, 2010

My new adventure

I saw these felt playhouses's basically a slipcover made of felt that you put over a card table, and it becomes a playhouse. I am going to make one, and it is going to be amazing. I'm going to track my progress on here as I accomplish things! Of course there will be pictures.

The first place I saw this type of playhouse was here:

Though Jill posted links to all sorts of other playhouses, none were as creative as hers. I'm using some of her templates and then venturing off on my own! Joshua has been very opinionated as we've looked at all the ones on and he has chosen what things he's interested in. It will be a lot of fun. And hours and hours of work.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

2010 goals

This year, I set a LOT of goals, but they are all do-able. I set a bunch of monthly goals (10 things I'd like to do each month!), and then 11 one-time things. Then I also made three goals that I want to accomplish multiple times. All of which have boxes by them, so I can have the extreme satisfactoin of checking them off! I have crossed off 7 things already!

Some of my goals are more personal than others, but I'll share some of them. Some of the things I want to do each month are write in each of the boys journals, and write in my own journal. I want to go on a date at least once a month, do my magnetic meal calendar I made (and try to actually go by it!), and stay on track with the scripture reading I'm doing online. I have it set up to complete my goal in a year (which ends in like September or something), so I'm going to make sure that I stay on track with that, and record my percentage at the end of each month. I'm not good at reading every day, but I've decided that's ok. As long as I finish in a year, and am caught up by the end of the month, it's ok if I read 5 days worth at once (each day is 18 verses), or whatever. This is on and it works for me. Thanks Jen, for that great resource!!

Anyway, other goals include Henry's first year scrapbook and Joshua's second year scrapbook (I'd love to get his 3rd year one done also...but I'm trying to be realistic). I also want to try to go on 4 hikes, get Joshua potty-trained, create a Sunday activity bag for Joshua (with his name on it and "only Sunday" books, coloring stuff, a stuffed animal maybe, snacks, etc.), move away from these apartments, leave stuff in good shape for the next managers, and my first goal that I'm working away at...

I have a weekly to-do list that I have split up with work on one side and home/family/church (personal stuff) on the other. I write a new one each week, but include everything that I didn't do from the previous week with a line under it, and so on. The stuff on the work side always gets done - either that week, or within a couple weeks. The stuff on the other side sits and sits and sits and sits...and I want to change that. I have stuff on there from months ago, and it's not difficult stuff, I just haven't put it as a priority. So my general goal is to put it as a higher priority, but my specific short-term goal is to get everything done that was on my list at the end of 2009, by the end of January. That was 10 things. They'd been on there for months. Last week, I accomplished 6 of them. I have already accomplished one this week, so that's only 3 more (and one is to post on this blog!). And seriously, the other two aren't really very difficult, and will get done by the end of the week. So yeah - I'm excited about that. Maybe some week I'll be at the glorious place of having done everything from that week AND all the other weeks. Amazing!

It's possible, though last week I added, "put up pictures," which is a HUGE task. We want to go through all the frames on the walls and put updated pictures in them (we have barely any pictures of Henry up (2, to be specific), other than on a big collage poster I made in November). I'm also doing a new little organization system for some of the small toys we have - I'm coloring big colorful labels on clean ice cream buckets (we have about a billion of them), for baby toys, play food, etc. I need to do one for bath toys, and maybe another baby toys one, and then I can cross that off. It is possible that won't get done this week. And THEN I'll be adding some of the goals from my year to-do list on there...but I'll try to wait until it is realistic that I'll be doing them soon...rather than letting them sit there for months.

Anyway, I know people would rather see pictures than read journal-type posts, but I started this blog to be a journal, and it helps me write it.

I do, however, have a goal (though it isn't written down anywhere, so I don't have to feel guilty for not doing it) of posting a 2009 monthly thing...of some of the major things that happened each month. I've seen that on three friends' blogs now, and I like it! On this computer, I only have pictures from April-October, but Henry will be moving into Joshua's room soon, so we'll have access to the computer WITH the pictures on it at the only times that I have long stretches to do things like a blog post with pictures (at night when the boys are sleeping).

I've had a cold since before Christmas - Nathan gave me his, then he got over it briefly, then he got a different cold, which I didn't exactly get...cuz he had a bad cough that I never got, but this cold just keeps hanging on.

I made a sweet fort today, while Joshua was sleeping, and we're in the middle of playing in it, so I'm going to post this and get back to the fun!