Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Well, believe it or not, I have been blogging...just unfortunately not on any blogs that anyone reads. I created a blog (but it doesn't really look like a blog - just an advertising website) for our apartments, and then my boss has been paying me to make more for other apartments - which is sweet! So I keep working on those when I should be blogging on here or the Palmer family blog. So I apologize. And now that the Joshua's First Year calendar is finished, you must all be wishing and hoping for more pictures of Joshua! I need to do updates on what he's doing and what I'm doing, but for now, I'll just post some pictures!

Look at how incredibly curly his hair is getting!!

This is a shirt he got for his birthday from Grandma and Grandpa - it says, "I still live with my parents." Ha!
Showin off some of his cute dino pjs!
If you read Nathan's blog, then you've already seen this picture, but this is a snowman that Nathan built - it is a snow daddy holding a snow baby sitting on a bench. Very adorable if you ask me.
I love my cuddly baby!

That's all for now - I'll write more someday - hopefully soon, but I don't want to make promises!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

And for Ashley again...

Ash, I hope this gives you good luck for your test tomorrow!

For Ashley

A little bit of Joshua walking with his new car and showin off a little of that tummy...though at his latest doctor appointment we found that he is actually now closer to the 70th percentile for weight, rather than at the maybe this explains why he's able to lift himself off the ground now!

Some recent photos!

Here is Joshy modeling the adorable caterpillar outfit his great Aunt and great Uncle got for him - and with his fun car/walker that his friend Rowan got for him. He LOVES walking with it, and was a big fan of pulling at the little cateripillar feet. Thank you Aunt Lynn and Uncle Mark and Rowan for such nice birthday gifts!

Dada took Joshy to Minto Brown Island Park - it's not exactly a playground made for a 1 year old, but Joshua liked the slide and all the birds. Probably his dad was more interested in the birds than he was, though.

We're working on teaching Joshua how to be an expert back scratcher...we'll see how that goes. At least he didn't try to eat it!

My baby is a year old...

It truly is amazing that Joshua is a year old. He is becoming such a fun and hilarious little person. He is starting to get the biggest kick out of trying to repeat stuff. He is good at saying mama, dada, baby, maybe, and nonononononono. I'm sure there are other things I'm forgetting. Lately he's been starting to say things consistently, though we can't quite figure out what he's saying. He says bird, ball, blankie (I think), and book making a very similar "bye" sound. He's great at making a noise like an elephant, a lion, a snake (he's a REALLY scary snake), and lately he's been doing well and saying quack...though he will only say it very quietly. I think that is because when I give him his ducky in his crib at night, ducky tickles his nose and whispers quack quack quack, so I think Joshua thinks duckies make quiet noises.

Joshua also LOVES watching movies of himself. When he's eating in his high chair, he'll point to the computer and clap (meaning more) and shake his left hand in the air (meaning yes) as he points at the computer screen, to tell us that he wants to watch his movies. He especially loves the music his dada wrote. He likes the ones without music, too, but he waves his arm to lead the music in the ones that have his signature song.

I think Joshua will be very musical. I'm fairly sure he's left handed, and he just adores music. Whenever he hears it, whether it is on the cd player, the radio, the tv, one of his musical toys, a movie on the computer, or occasionally a cell phone, he starts moving his hand leading the music. And when the tempo is faster, he moves his hand's pretty impressive, I think! Not that I'm biased.

He does well with his signs - he's good at yes (waving his hand up and down), more (clapping), milk (making a grasping motion with his hand like he's milking a cow...he actually does that one correctly!), and sometimes he'll try to sign berries, banana, finished, and other signs I'm probably forgetting. He understands so much - it amazes me.

His dada started a new tradition of Joshua crawling from his room to the bath tub (quite naked, I might add) after he gets changed, and though he often gets sidetracked on the way there (the floor is an exciting place, after all), he is very good at eventually getting his cute little bottom parked right next to the bathtub for dada or mama to put him in!

He is so close to walking! When we hold his arms and have him walk, he doesn't need us to carry any of his weight, just for a bit of balance, and even then, I think he could take a few steps on his own and do just fine...but I know there is going to be a lot of falling flat on his face in the next few weeks! I think he'll walk soon, though. Now that we've gotten sort of adjusted to him pulling up on everything everywhere, I feel much more ready for him to be walking. We still haven't baby-proofed all the cabinets, though. We're still following him around most of the time that he is wandering, so if we want to do that forever, there's no need to baby-proof the cabinet doors, but I'm thinking maybe I don't want to do that forever.

For Joshua's perspective on his birthday, make sure to check out his blog. He's quite the technological baby - it amazes me sometimes. His dada helps him write emails, post pictures and videos, and even post on his blog. He has his own email address, blog site, youtube channel, and who knows what else he hasn't told me!! I find it very impressive. Sometimes he writes me emails. I don't think he writes his dada emails, but maybe he does.

Anyway, he's a wonderful one-year-old. He was disappointed to not go up to Washington for his birthday, but is rather happy that he gets THREE birthday parties now (two down, one to go!). We're going up the third week of April and he'll be splitting the birthday glory and festivities with his mama. I'm turning 25! But that's another post...

This has been quite a year - I'm so glad we have so many pictures and videos to remember it, as well as all the memories that are quite unforgettable! I love my baby boy Joshua.