Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Baby's name letters

Working on Katie-pie's name letters!! They will be for her birthday. The boys are jealous cuz hers aren't just plain colors like theirs - hers have flowers and all sorts of cute stuff on them! Maybe I will post pictures if anyone is interested. Have to take some first!

With the exception of stockings and a Santa gift or two each, we are having a homemade Christmas this year! I have tons of ideas - thank you pinterest! Really excited about it :c)


Mindy said...

I want to see! I should make some for Aria - much faster and easier than Katherine will be for you!

Sierra said...

Good for you! I love homemade gifts! And homemade Christmas is an entirely different affair than store-bought. Everyone takes time to admire and sincerely thank one another. It's so fun.