Friday, December 13, 2013

Nativity set

Another Christmas present (almost) finished! We don't have a nativity set, so I looked at different make-your-own ideas, and then made mine a little different than any I saw. I didn't use a pattern or anything. It is in a shoebox (which I need to cover), so it can be closed up and stored easily. All the pieces can be moved, and the puffballs help stand up any of the pieces on the tan part. I finished working on it around 11:30 last night and didn't feel ambitious enough to make camels. Those, gifts, other animals, etc., can be saved for next year - so here it is!!


Shonee said...

Well done, and so smart to put it in a shoebox. I like how it's virtually unbreakable. We use a couple of different nativity sets, but my favorite has become the Lego nativity Montana put together a few years ago. He modifies it as Christmas draws near.

Mandapanda said...

Thanks, Shonee! The boys liked it and Kate REALLY wanted to eat it. They mostly had everyone battling each other, though. Sierra sent me a picture of Montana's nativity - that is pretty awesome! Such a better role that storm trooper gets to play.