Monday, April 29, 2013

My children

Things I am proud of my kids for:

His Lego-building abilities - he was putting together big Star Wars ships by himself before he even turned 4, and soon after, he built Toy Story robots or Star Wars sets, just from picturing them and using pieces we already had.

His math skills - he can do math in his head that most of us counted on our fingers for many years after Kindergarten. Also, math games are his favorite thing at school.

His imagination - he comes up with very complex plots for movies and just while playing, and I believe he just may make a movie some day like he says he plans to.

His singing and musical understanding - before he could even talk, he could hum on key. He has very close to perfect, if not perfect, pitch, and has picked up quickly all the lessons that are taught in song form at school.

His cuddliness and sweetness to his baby sister. Henry is very sensitive and loving, and always wants to give hugs and kisses. He also tells me he loves me many times a day.

His throwing and catching ability - he has been great at those skills from a very early age.

His ability to navigate through technological things like games on the iPhone - being patient with trial and error since he can't read the options yet.

His coordination with games on the wii fit and willingness to learn and try to master difficult things on there.

His deep thinking about theological or similarly complicated existential questions.

His amazing imagination - for many months he spent each day as one or more real or fictional characters or animals - taking on their mannerisms and unique attitudes. When he became a big brother, though, he stopped doing that nearly as often.

Her strength and courage through all the difficult stuff.

Her charmingness and how she makes everyone she meets adore her.

Her happiness and sense of humor - how she laughs at us and her brothers and everyone else.

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