Saturday, April 27, 2013

My next 30 years

So some early thoughts about my next 30 years...
I would like to be more confident...not letting fear of the unknown stall me or possible negative circumstances stop me. By this, I mean things like adventures with the kids, mostly...not getting caught up in what stressful stuff could happen.

I would like to be more active - getting outdoors, getting in shape, learning a new skill perhaps...but being active.

I want to prepare my three precious critters for real life - help them to know how to do the things they will need to know when they move out.

I would like to be smart with our finances, and think carefully about the decisions we make.

In 30 years, my baby girl will be 30. I want to enjoy the time after the kids move travel and have fun, so I want to keep myself healthy so that will happen easily.

I want to not complain so much or be so negative. I want to count my many blessings so much more often than i complain about my routine challenges.

Well that is all for now!

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