Friday, May 10, 2013

Home again!

It is always nice to come home, and this is the first time in about 10 years (31 years for Nathan) that returning home meant LEAVING Oregon. That was pretty weird. We couldn't get over how beautifully green it was during our visit...and all the many shades of green. And the rivers and streams! I am guessing that we may eventually end up in Oregon again, but the feeling may fade as we come to appreciate more the beautiful place we live. We are so grateful Nathan has a job, and how generous my parents are to let us live here with them. I am happy here, especially as it gets warmer and we can go outside more. I am still in love with Oregon, though, so someday we may be together again. We will be back at the end of July for Emily's wedding, and had already been planning a trip in August. The boys and I may stay there for the couple weeks between the two trips. We are still sorting that out. It was a very fun visit, and I can write more about it soon!

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