Monday, May 27, 2013


My sweet baby Kate had her surgery this last Wednesday, and 5 days post recovery she is doing amazing! It was so so stressful waiting...the waiting was the worst. 

I think waiting before they took her in, carrying her around in the tiny hospital gown with baby tigers on it, watching her kick her precious feet on the giant bed she'd lie in during surgery...trying to keep it together. That was so hard. We spent the night with friends in Spokane, and were supposed to be at the hospital at 5:30. They took her in at 7:30, and we got to see her around 10:00. They had a really hard time getting an iv in her, probably from dehydration. When we took the appliance out for the last time on Monday morning, she had a REALLY rough time figuring out how to drink from her bottle again. 

So because of that, she really was very dehydrated by Wednesday morning. So Dr. Husein started the surgery at 8:05, and finished just before 10:00. He said it went perfectly - was just a textbook case and he was really proud of it. 

When we finally got to the recovery room and saw her, i was immediately relieved and happy with how her lip looked, as i had been worried about how well he would do. But so much more than that, i was just so glad to hold my baby again. 

There was a lot of blood in her mouth, and she got super puffy from iv fluids, but after a couple of days, the swelling all went down and she was back to her happy bright-eyed self. 

Her black sutures come out on June 4th - the same day as Joshy's kindergarten graduation. I look forward to seeing her new smile even better then. She was beautiful before and she is beautiful now. I love this sweet princess.

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Mindy said...

Some of these pictures are new - and they really show off her new mouth! WOW! That takes some getting used to. But it is perfect, and I'm looking forward to seeing her smile with it. Good job baby, and Mama too!